ZAPY by ZAPPASS: a vigilant watchdog during happy summer escapades! Sometimes your little beloved kid decides – only God knows why – to get away for some nice adventure into the unexpected…it happens! Where to??

ZAPY by ZAPPASS will locate him within seconds!

SAFETY is important and has high priority for ZAPPASS. ZAPY, a small smart wireless device puts you one step ahead to the wild plans of your kid. Within large range, you will be able to trace him or her (in fact you could trace anything, pet, elderly persons, valuable objects, etc.)

ZAPY consists out of a (1) master station and up to four (4) tags. The latter are nice looking “LADY BUG” shaped very light devices – only …grams.

When your child disappears out of range (selectable), he or she will be warned by a loud alarm, as well as your master station will vibrate and loudly sound the alarm and also.

Range can be set to close (10 meters), medium (20 meters) and far (50 meters).

Whatever, the tracking distance works up to 500 meters in line of sight.

Note that the sound alarm (95 dB) on the master station can be muted if required.

The child, when in a distress situation, can press a panic button on his or her tag that immediately triggers the alarm on the master station.

ZAPY has been designed to operate as well outside as inside (for instance in a large shopping mall). ZAPY is NOT a GPS and thus does not need satellites. The master station has a build-in directional finder.

Attach the tag to the polo, t-shirt, backpack, etc. of your little angel and you’re ready to go…”watchdog” keeps an eye open!

Price: 79 Euro (VAT incl.)

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